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News -- January 15, 2008

The new board will take office at our annual meeting to be held in Yakima, WA at the Yakima Valley Rabbit Breeders Show in April, 2008.
President:                 Judy Atchison
Vice President:         Marian Brown
Secretary/Treasurer: Kathy Tellechea
Directors:                  Marti LaRue
                                 Pamela Renfro
                                 Jacob Kuntz

MRFGNW News -- April, 2007



Our annual meeting was held in Yakima, WA on April 14, 2007. There were 16 members present.

 Marian Brown audited the books for the club. All was reported to be in order. The treasurers reported was read and accepted. The club has $1565.73 as of March 31. Judy Atchison suggested that in future reports that we show the final tally for each show as to whether the club made a profit or not. That way we may be able to cut costs if necessary.


Old Business: Much discussion was held on the youth shows. We lost money on both youth shows, but only a small amount. It was a unanimous vote to continue with the youth shows and to maintain records to be able to show some of the reasons why the youth showing in open should have their points count towards youth whether they show in an open show or a youth show. Some members on the National Mini Rex Board feel that the Mini Rex Club is too big and it would be too hard to keep track of the points. Others feel the kids would cheat by showing the same rabbits in open and youth.


If any of the members would like to write a letter on your view of how the youth points should be counted please send them to Christine Byron and she will see that they are printed in an upcoming National Mini Rex Newsletter.


We discussed ways to cuts costs of the youth shows. Asking for donations of awards would be helpful as that is where a lot of our costs stem from. If any member would like to donate awards for the youth shows or maybe get a business to donate it would be much appreciated.


New Business: Club voted to have Christine buy a basket full of goodies back in Indiana to donate to the raffle at Mini Rex Nationals. It was decided wine and beer items bring the most money in. We voted to spend $100.00.


Kelsey Bell’s mom has volunteered to make a quilt wall hanging to donate to the raffle at the 2007 ARBA Convention. We would do that instead of a basket. It was voted on an approved that $125.00 to be spent on making it. Thanks, Susan...


New officers were installed: President: Judy Atchison

                                              Vice President: Kelsey Bell

                                               Secretary/Treasurer: Kathy Tellechea

                                               Directors: Marti LaRue
                                                                Marian Brown
                                                                Dorianne Mink-Off Brown

A HUGE thank you to Christine Byron for all the hard work and dedication she put in as president of the club for the past several years. We all appreciate everything you have done.


2006 Sweepstakes Awards were passed out to members present. Customized grooming tables were given to the open and youth champion. Linda Thompson mini rex prints matted, framed and engraved for all open variety champions. Duffle bags with brass plates engraved with all their wins for all youth variety winners. Everyone seemed very happy with the awards. Kathy T. was in charge of awards and all thought she should continue with that job!!!


Meeting was adjourned.


This happened after our actual meeting, but I am going to include it so the membership is aware of it. Jake Kuntz volunteered to donate his judging fee for the youth shows in November and February 2008. Thanks Jake…



Kathy Tellechea, Secretary/Treasurer

MRFGNW -- News

Officer Changes -- Due to the resignation of Gavin as Vice President, Kelsey Bell has filled this postion.




The club met for their annual meeting on April 8, 2006 in Yakima, WA. It rained all day, so we did not get to have our meeting outside. There were 10 members present.

Elections of 2006-07 officers: President: Christine Byron

                                                  Vice President: Gavin Dinnel

                                                  Secretary/Treasurer: Kathy Tellechea

                                                  Directors: Rick Stahl

                                                                    Marti LaRue

                                                                    Tammy Crain                                                  

                                                                                                 Sweepstakes awards had been passed out earlier at various shows.  Since Soni Jager is no longer a member of the club, Kathy T. volunteered to be in charge of sweepstakes awards. Kathy T. said she would be asking for ideas and suggestions for awards from club members later in the year. So members, get your thinking caps on.


Kelsey Bell volunteered to get items for the basket we will donate to the raffle at Nationals. We decided it would be drinks and snacks from the District 1 area. Pam Renfro said she had a nice basket she would donate to the cause. We will assemble it once we get to Monterey.


The main discussion of the meeting was upcoming specialty shows. With Soni no longer secretary for the specialty shows in Oregon, Christine asked if any other members would like to be secretary for specialty shows. Christine will be the secretary for the Double Cluster Shows in August at Monroe, WA.  Kelsey said she would like to see the club hold a Double maybe a Triple and Youth shows in the Bend area in August or September. We decided on September 23 because the weather will be cooler by then. She will see if she can find judges available for that date. Kathy T. volunteered to secretary a Triple Crown in Portland, Oregon on November 18 at the Quality Cage warehouse. She will also be looking for judges. Candy Mathews will be the secretary for the Specialty show in December at Mt. Vernon, WA.


With judges so hard to find so close to the show dates, Christine said she would get our 2007 schedule organized and ask for members to volunteer to secretary future shows and start looking for judges now instead of waiting. She will e-mail potential secretaries!!!


Also discussed awards for the specialty shows. Trying to find something different other then rosettes each time. Suggestions made were money (such as the Susan B. Anthony dollars or other “special” money), handmade awards, different types of rosettes, zipper pulls. Everyone agreed that the variety medals given at the Triple Crown in January were nice, but probably just a once a year thing. Christine said she would not order any more rosettes until June and for everyone to be looking around for awards that we could use. If any members that were not present at the meeting have any ideas or suggestions please let Christine or Kathy T. know…


Christine mentioned we need to have more youth shows in our District. The way the sweepstake points are counted our youth can not compete nationally because the points that the youth earned in open shows are counted in open sweepstakes and not youth. Anyone willing to put on a youth specialty show let us know.


Meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted by

Kathy Tellechea, Sec/Treasurer


Mini Rex Fanciers of the Greater Northwest





The current term for our club officers expires shortly.  We are looking for nominations or volunteers that are interested in holding an office.  We need a President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, and 3 Directors.  Most of our conversations and decisions are done at shows, via email, or IM, so it would be wonderful to have people from all over our area volunteer or be nominated.  Please think about it and contact Kathy Tellechea at or Christine Byron at with any questions regarding specific positions, or with nominations or volunteers for us!



All club memberships expire on 12/31/06.  According to the new bylaws we approved last April, there will be a 30 day grace period to renew your membership.  Effective January 31st if you have not renewed your membership, you will be dropped from the membership rolls.  This will not affect any sweepstakes points or winnings from year ending 12/31/06, but could affect your 2007 points.  See for the 2006 Sweepstakes standings.


Send your membership renewals to Kathy Tellechea at 350 W. West Street Lexington, OR 97839.  Make checks payable to MRFGNW.  Membership fees are: Adults $5.00, Family $7.50 (2 adults & up to 2 youth), Youth $3.00 (through their 19th birthday).  Membership forms can be found at   Submitted by Kathy Tellechea




Election ballots should be mailed out the first week of February, as soon as the updated membership list is published.  Nominees will be listed on the web site; however ballots will only be mailed, not posted online.



A problem has arisen with both Bremerton Specialty shows.  Because the Bremerton open shows are day of show entries only, people seem to think that our specialty show is the same.  This is NOT the case.  The specialty show is pre-entry.  It does say in the catalog that the specialty show is pre-entry, not day of show, but it didn’t help for the fall show, which in fact was worse than the spring show.  For 2006, this WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.  There will be no day of show entries accepted, unless someone else volunteers to be the secretary and is willing to do DOS entries.  Submitted by your cranky show secretary, Christine Byron.



Some of our club members attended Nationals and Convention this year.  We learned that at both times, the National Mini Rex Rabbit Club has a banquet and auction to raise funds for the awards that are given at both Nationals and Convention.  All types of things are donated, but often it is a themed basket.  I would like to see MRFGNW support these events.  I’d like to discuss this at the annual meeting to see if we can find a couple of volunteers to spearhead this project.  My thinking is perhaps if a theme is decided upon, club members can donate items to the basket and the club itself can pick up the shipping charges to get it to Nationals or Convention.  Please bring your ideas and thoughts to the meeting in April.  Submitted by Christine Byron



Help Wanted:  Show Secretaries and Superintendents for the 2006 show season.  If you are interested in doing either job, even for just one show, please contact Christine at .  The club owns show secretary software, so you would only have to load it on your system.  For first time secretaries, we’ll help you through it.   See Save the Date below for a list of upcoming shows.  Submitted by Soni Jager and Christine Byro



We are still working on secretaries and judges for our Specialty shows.  The website will be updated as information solidifies..