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Yakima Meeting Minutes


Membership Meeting Minutes


I.      Call to order

Rick Stahl called to order the regular meeting of the Mini Rex Fanciers of the Greater Northwest at 3:15pm on 4/3/04 in Yakima, Washington.

II.      Roll call

Rick Stahl conducted a roll call. The following Directors were present: Kathie Zaloudek, Kathy Tellechea and Duane Johnson.  The following Officer was present:  Rick Stahl.  Absent were the following Officers:  Christine Byron, President and Candy Mathews, Vice President.

III.      Approval of minutes from last meeting

Rick Stahl indicated that Cindy Wickizer took the minutes on his behalf at the last meeting.  Cindy reported to Rick that she has been unable to locate these minutes.  Therefore, there are no minutes to be approved.  The membership did not object.

IV.      Treasurer’s Report

Rick Stahl reported that after paying the expenses from the 4/3/04 show there was a balance in the checking account of $19.17  This balance did not include the $400 in receipts from the 4/3/04 show and the approximate $100 still to be submitted to the Treasurer from Soni Jager for the 3/04 show.


He also reported that after several audits of the checking account, the bank statement reflects $20 more than the book balance. 


He then indicated he had the necessary paperwork to change the authorized signers for the checking account once the new treasurer is elected.  Until this paperwork is finalized, Rick will continue to maintain the checking account.


V.      Old business

Nothing to report at this time.

VI.      New business

It was reported that the Mini Rex sanctions are set except for the Monroe and Bremerton shows.  These will be done shortly.  The ARBA and Oregon sanctions are in good order.


Director Reports:  Nothing to report except Kathie Zaloudek reported that the 4/3/04 show had a good turn out and all went very well.  At this time, Rick Stahl thanked Kathie for stepping in and being Show Secretary.


Sweepstake Reports: Soni Jager reported all the Sweepstake Awards. The top winners were as follows:

            Youth   -           Amanda Byron             1st

                                    Sara Pitney                   2nd

                                    Clint Jager                    3rd


            Open -             Pamela Renfro              1st

                                    Kathy Tellechea            2nd

                                    Kathie Zaloudek           3rd

                                    Jan Coffelt                    4th

                                    Cindy Wickizer             5th


Rick Stahl reported that the Club now has judging equipment on both sides of the mountain.  Duane Johnson indicated that Pete Nelson had a couple 6 hole coups he was willing to sell.  Membership agreed they would probably be too small for the MiniRex and decided not to bid on them.


Membership:  Soni Jager introduced the club’s newest member:  Julie LaForge


Elections: Rick Stahl reported the results of the election ballots.  All candidates for the Officer positions, except the Secretary-Treasurer position, ran unopposed.  Those running unopposed were considered duly elected. Kathy Tellechea received the majority of votes for the Secretary-Treasurer position and, therefore, was duly elected.  The results of the election are as follows:


            President                      Christine Byron

            Vice President              Candy Mathews

            Secretary/Treasurer      Kathy Tellechea

            Directors                      Soni Jager

                                                Duane Johnson

                                                Kathie Zaloudek


The three amendments on the ballot also passed.  They are as follows:


            Article VII, Section 1 – Dues

Membership fee structure changed to:  Adult $5.00, Family (2 adults & up to 2 youth) $7.50, Youth $3.00 


Add the following language:  Membership year shall run from January 1st through December 31st. 



Article III, Section 2 – Membership

Add the following language:  After 30 days delinquency, a membership will be dropped.


Since the change to Article VII, Section 1 regarding the membership year was passed, all current memberships will be extended to expire 12/31/04.


The membership noted that should a special meeting of the membership and/or board be required, it could be done via email.


There was no Board of Directors Meeting held in conjunction with this General Membership Meeting.

VII.  Adjournment

As there was no further business to be addressed, Rick Stahl adjourned the meeting at 3:27pm.

Minutes submitted by Secretary/Treasurer:                    Rick Stahl

Dated:  4/7/04